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Mirabelle Productions offers a wide variety of production services. We have an extensive network of talented photographers, videographers, music videographers, directors, writers, and are dedicated to providing the highest quality content at a reasonable price and with fast turnaround. We produce content for websites, and can make your site stand out with extraordinary photographs and video.

We can provide website design and creation if you require that service. We offer a location perfect for films, catalogue shoots, fashion shoots, sets for tv and digital media shows.

Our kitchens, inside and out, are beautiful sets for food photography, television shows and recipe video content. If you need social media content, we excel at instagram videos and longer form videos for websites and social media outlets.

Our approach is to deliver high quality affordable content with fast turnaround time. We want to know you and understand your brand so we can give you exactly the content you need.

We have a wide variety of photographers and videographers and will choose the talent based on your needs and brand.

  • films
  • commercials
  • instagram videos
  • social media content
  • tv and digital content
  • cooking videos
  • recipe creation from our chef network
  • chef talent for cooking videos
  • music videos
  • music video scripting and directing services
  • photo shoots
  • catalogue shoots
  • resource for location scouts



Our kitchen and outside kitchen allow for spectacular food photography, recipe video shoots, food adventure videos, and foodie shows for tv and digital media.


Our wide network of photographers and videographers let us choose the right talent for your needs. Website photographs, product shots, recipe shots, we offer a wide array of photographic services.


We love video! Instagram videos, documentary videos, recipe and cooking videos, music videos, trade show videos, commercial or digital shorts, we do it all!

Studio / Space

We have the Mirabelle inside kitchen and outside kitchen, incredible grounds where we often host catalogue shoots, the ballroom for music videos and indoor catalogue shoots, we have two garage studios which we use for product shots in a controlled environment.

Location Scouting

Location scouts love us! We are big enough and versatile enough to host feature films, commercials.  Catalogue shoots, fashion shoots, music videos, cooking shows, reality shows.

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